Under the kitchen sink

This past long weekend I managed to organize the cabinet under our kitchen sink. It was always such a hassle to get what I was looking for without rummaging and something had to be done! Recently we also added our compost bin into the space, so things started to really get out of control. Here’s what it looked like.

What the heck right? I keep a lot of cleaning supplies under the sink. Since I’m usually cleaning in a mad rush, being able to quickly grab what I need is a must. I asked myself what the fastest way was, and the answer I came up with is to grab things from top down. Even better would be if I could use the cabinet like a drawer and pull out my cleaning supplies.

After some Google searching, I discovered that I’m not the only person that has thought of this! There are many under the sink cabinet drawers to choose from. They all vary in size and some even have more than one level. The one I ended up going with was from Real Simple and can be found at Bed Bath and Beyond. I also picked up three plastic stacking drawers for sponges, dish towels, and cleaning cloths.

*Photos are from Bed Bath and Beyond

All together the items I purchased cost $77.96. Broken down this was $47.99 (20% off coupon used, original price is 59.99) for the cabinet drawer and $9.99 for each plastic drawer. Ideally, I would have returned to the store with more 20% off coupons for the plastic drawers. Unfortunately, my shopaholic side took over. Here’s the end result.

The dish clothes and cleaning towels aren’t in their drawers yet. We usually stick them in our linen closet which is currently a organizational disaster. I’ll have to fish them out soon and put them in their new home. I do think this mini project was expensive and slightly regret not waiting for coupons and returning for the drawers. I am happy with how it turned out tough. One more area of the house efficiently organized!

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