Things M has taught me in 2 years

Oh how time flies! My oldest baby girl recently turned 2. I can still remember bringing her home for the first time. She was so tiny with eyes that barely opened. I was ready to be a mother and teach my new daughter all about life. It never occurred to me that I would also be learning from her. I knew I would change when I became a mother, but I didn’t really know how I’d change. M has made me a better human being and here’s a few things she has taught me.

The real meaning of patience
The words “be patient” took on a whole new meaning after baby M was born. I’ll never be able to count the amount of times I’ve closed my eyes and thought “why?”. Why won’t you stop crying? Why won’t you latch on? Why did you put that in your mouth? Why is there that mark on you? Why did you spit your food out? Drop it on the floor? Hit the cat? The list goes on and on. Nothing tests your patience more than your own child!

How selfless I’m really capable of being
OK. So I’ve written about selflessness before. But really, I never thought I could love someone so much that I’d honestly be willing to die for them. All the decisions I make are based around my children and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

How to enjoy the little things in life
This third topic here is the most important thing I’ve learned from M. Before I had M I was worried with so many things that weren’t as significant as I believed they were. In one word, I think I was a little narcissistic. I worried a lot about was how I appeared (physically and mentally) and what others thought about me. M made me realize that those things don’t matter in the long run. What matters are the little things in life. The beauty of nature, the love from family, meaningful conversations (even if it’s with a drooly baby!), and all the other many blessings in life.  So why bother worrying about how others perceive me?  This is one of the greatest things I’ve learned from M. I’m continuing to learn it from L as well!


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