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Two weeks ago I had the opportunity to be a real model for The Garment’s virtual holiday pop-up.   It was a wonderful afternoon spent trying on new clothes and meeting other Instagrammers. During the shoot, I was able to ask it’s creator Morgan how she started The Garment.  Her response both surprised and delighted me.

Morgan’s answer involved her love of capsule wardrobes as well as her passion for ethics. While I’ve always been interested in ethics it’s always been from a medical point of view. I’ve never considered the impact ethics could have on the fashion industry. For myself, it was refreshing to hear a different approach to fashion. From Morgan’s website The Garment, here is what she says about herself.

As an ethicist and capsule wardrobist, I’m uniquely situated to help women who want fewer better items find the brands who make them. I’m passionate about what I do, and about shifting this fashion paradigm in a more responsible direction, one outfit at a time.

All of the clothing I tried on for the virtual holiday pop-up shoot were from responsible makers. I didn’t purchase any items from the pop-up this time around because I’m still in the purging phase of my closet.  I can’t wait to see future virtual pop-up’s from The Garment though.  Hopefully I’ll be able to purchase some pieces for my capsule wardrobe!

See the photos below to check out some of the items in The Garment’s virtual holiday pop-up and what I thought about the pieces I modeled. Not included in this post are the pieces I didn’t try on and accessories, but you can see them if you head over to The Garment. Oh yea! if you’re interested in purchasing anything from the pop-up you can use the code THEGARMENTHOLIDAY on the makers online shops until Nov 21, 2017. Note: For some sites the code works only for the item, for others it works site wide. 


CAMP BRAND GOODS The happy camper sweatshirt
Wonderfully soft sweatshirt. I would love to own one of these sweatshirts! The one thing I dislike is that I’m not a camper and feel like a poser in the sweater! There are some other styles of the sweater on the website, however none are minimal enough for myself. I’ll be keeping an eye on this brand to see if they release a sweater with a hidden/absent logo.


TRADLANDS The buffalo plaid (Arapahoe red)
This shirt was a soft almost fleece like material. The color was gorgeous and it felt really well made. Tradlands will be a brand I watch in hopes of purchasing some of their goods in the future.


REVELL The cropped sweatshirt
If I ever wanted to own a crop top, this would be it. It was snug around the body, but a little loose in the arms which I liked. We were asked to wear the sweatshirt with a high waisted skirt and I felt some of the girls looked dressed down while some looked a bit more dressed up. I love multi-functional items in my closet!


NICOLE BRIDGER The joyful dress
The dress was very flattering on all of us. While I’m wearing the dress in emerald I had my eye on the floral pattern. It felt well made and the silk was pretty. One thing I don’t enjoy about silk dresses is how they often cling to tights. This dress could easily be worn with bare legs on warm days though. I’m currently on maternity leave with two kids under two, so this dress wouldn’t fit my lifestyle. A girl can dream right?

All photos were taken by Kara Rohl Photography. Instagram real models include @thegarmentlife,@mecohdixon, @sassysharonyyc, @biggirlyyc, @dr.shanna.rb.dc, @claraclaraho, @kimchowsmith, and @sarcastic.fawn.

P.S. The vibe of the photo shoot was 100% body positive. After having my babies I’m often worried about the state of my body. Sometimes in a healthy sense, and other times in a vanity sense. It was inspiring to be around so many women who were comfortable in their own skin.

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