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Depression, anxiety, and pregnancy

I put off writing this post for a while because I wasn’t sure how to approach the topic of my experience with prenatal anxiety and depression. Or just anxiety and depression in general. When I first started this blog I knew I wanted to share […]

Last minute DYIs

Just a quick little post on some DIYs I finished up before it got cold out here in Calgary.  All these DIYs required staining or painting outside, so I did them in a little bit of a rush (kind of like this post because it’s […]

Boots for Autumn in Calgary

Autumn is in full swing in Calgary right now and so my fall boots have come out of hiding.  Over the last two years I’ve actually thrown out all (total of 2) of my fall boots except my trusted Hunters. They were old, and needed to go.  In fact, I’d had them since my days in university which made them nearly ten years old. I actually pulled out a metal part from one of them and glued the sole back on another.

I’ve lived in Calgary almost my whole life (only leaving for university) and I’m accustomed to our odd weather.  Snow can happen in early September (2014 #snowtember anyone?) and some years you wake up to find that ALL the trees have lost their leaves overnight.  When choosing boots for autumn the unpredictable weather is the first thing I’m thinking about.  Next is how much walking I plan to be doing, and last is the style.  Here are the choices of boots I’ve chosen for this year.


  1. Alexander Wang Kori boots are a pair I picked up last year.  They’re classic with a little bit of edginess to them and can easily be dressed up or down.  I actually dreamed of these boots for over a year before purchasing them.  I bought my pair while I was 5 months pregnant and found the boots to be quite comfortable.  I usually don’t wear any heels! The metal part of the heels comes in different colors.  Mine are rose gold.
  2. Sorel Moto boots are my newest pair of fall shoes. They’re very warm and comfortable and I like how the front can be flipped down to show a pattern that screams autumn. This boot also comes with plain inner fabric in place of the red plaid if it’s not your thing. I’ve only had these boots for a week and have already worn them a handful of times. I’m considering purchasing some warm woolly socks from Roots to wear with the boots through winter as well (because I also threw out my one pair of winter boots last year!). For those of you that live in Calgary, I bought these boots at Market Mall Arnold Churgin during their anniversary sale and got 20% off.
  3. Hunter rain boots are an absolute must.  Good grip, waterproof, and a classic style? Yes please! I’ve had my hunter boots for over 5 years now and they’re still going strong.  They’re great for both rainy and slushy days.  If it’s cold out and I want a little more warmth I’ll pop on some thick socks and be on my way.

Emma has woken from her nap so I’ll  have to end this post there.  I’d love to hear about what boots you recommend for autumn!

Keep the quiet moments

Today is my second marriage anniversary! It feels like it was only yesterday that I met my husband.  Like many other people these days my husband and I met via online dating.   I remember my husband’s funny and thoughtful first e-mail to me and after […]

A Little Pick Me Up

Since becoming a mother my morning routine has drastically changed.  Instead of enjoying a coffee while casually doing my hair and makeup I now jump out of bed, wash up, and tie my hair back in a bun.  I’m lucky if I can drink a […]


Happy autumn everyone! Just a short post tonight as  I’ve been busy with crafting for a friends wedding that’s coming up and every day “wife/mama tasks”.  It’s amazing how fast time can pass and I can’t believe it’s almost October.  Em is almost 8 months and I feel a little sad everytime I think of how big she’s getting.  Enough of that though, on to the topic of this post!  Kokedama’s!

It was my sister’s 28th birthday this past weekend and she introduced me to kokedamas during her party.  What’s a kokedama you ask?  It’s basically a plant in a balls of moss and dirt.  I’m sure I’m not making them sound as beautiful as they really are, so here’s are a few photos of the one I made.



Caine, from Kokedama in Calgary, came with all the supplies and taught everyone how to make the plant arrangements. It was a very relaxing time with friends and who doesn’t love new plants?  If you ever get a chance to make one yourself I highly recommend it. You can check out more about Caine and kokedamas here.  I saw an aquatic version on Kokedama!’s Instagram and I’m hoping to own one in the near future!

On a side note, I had a short and wonderful conversation with Caine.  He left me with some great advice.  He shared his belief that without limits we are all capable of so much more than we can imagine. A birthday, family, friends,crafts, plants, and a little bit of heartfelt wisdom?  It was a good day.