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I first entered motherhood in January of 2016 when Emma was born. At the time, I had very few friends who had had children before me. I watched them deal with tantrums, vomit, and endless driving among other things. I never thought about how much […]

Flowers flowers flowers

Flowers flowers flowers

This past weekend was all about flowers for Em! ¬†We colored some flower pictures and did some flower crafts (made “stained glass” pictures with contact paper and tissue) but the main event was playing with actual flowers. I keep on reading that sensory play is […]


On July 4th our family welcomed our second daughter Everly (Ellie) into the world. I feel incredibly blessed to have a second healthy child. While I’m filled with happiness my husband and I don’t plan on having any more children and that reality makes me […]

A mini update on my second pregnancy

A few weeks ago one of my good friends threw me a little gender reveal tea party. It was a chilly snowy day so sitting around chatting with girlfriends was the perfect way to spend the afternoon. I was happy to announce that we are […]

Make pinecones sparkle

With Christmas coming up there have been a lot of crafts being made here. ¬†Tonight I’d like to share a quick little DIY on how to add some sparkle to some pinecones. I got my white tipped Pinecones from Michaels and picked them because they […]

Staying at home or working

My maternity leave is coming to an end soon and I can’t help but feel a sense of impending doom. My husband and I decided that I’ll go back to work part-time but part-time already feels like too much time to be away from Emma. […]