I first entered motherhood in January of 2016 when Emma was born. At the time, I had very few friends who had had children before me. I watched them deal with tantrums, vomit, and endless driving among other things. I never thought about how much my mother friends gave up for their children. Now that I have my own, I understand their personal sacrifices for their children. The greatest thing motherhood has thought me so far is selflessness.

Selflessness:┬áconcern more with the needs and wishes of others than with one’s own.

Do I put my children’s need in front of my own? Without a doubt, 95% of the time yes. I’m always tired but that never seems to matter. There’s always food to be prepped, laundry to be washed, books to be read, crafts to be done, and parks to be visited. It all gets done even if I’m running on 5 hours of interrupted sleep. Within selflessness, another thing I’ve learnt is patience. So many times I want to get a chore done, but then Emma wants to help and I let her even though it takes me twice as long. I honestly never knew I was capable of so much patience. I wonder how much time in my day is spent waiting for Emma (to climb the stairs, get dressed, eat her dinner, etc.) Can many parents relate to this?

My children have without a doubt tested me. They’ve irritated me, embarrassed me, and angered me. There are days where I feel like I’m going insane, and both aren’t even two years old yet! Despite all this, so far, I feel like motherhood has made me a better person. I often feel I’ve given a lot of myself up for my kids. My sleep and time are just a few examples. I never feel bitter about my losses though, which I guess is what selflessness is all about anyways.

What has parenthood taught you?

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