Glory bowl

My husband and I are always looking for quick, easy, and healthy recipes. It’s not easy but recently we’ve found a keeper! The recipe is from Whitewater cooks and it’s called a Glory bowl. This is one of the only ways I’ll eat beets!

To prepare this meal I prep each individual item throughout the day when I can. For example, I’ll cook the tofu in the morning but not get to the beets till later. (Tip: you can buy packaged steamed beets at Superstore so all you’ll have to do is grate them). As you can see in the photo, I was too lazy to shred carrots so diced some baby carrots instead. We ate the meal on ramen noodles this past weekend but have also used rice. Both are great.

The photo of all the ingredients was hard to take. Partly because of my photo skills but also because I’m a mother to a little monkey!

A note on the dressing, it’s delicious.  I’ve always been a little put off by recipes that call for nutritional yeast flakes. Something about the words “yeast flakes” just doesn’t sound that appetizing.  I was pleasantly surprised by this recipe to discover that I’ve been wrong to avoid them.

When we’re ready to eat all I have to do is put all the ingredients together in a bowl and we’re ready! The ingredients keep in the fridge and it makes a good leftover meal for a few days.

If you give the recipe a try let me know how it goes!




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