Flowers flowers flowers

This past weekend was all about flowers for Em!  We colored some flower pictures and did some flower crafts (made “stained glass” pictures with contact paper and tissue) but the main event was playing with actual flowers.

I keep on reading that sensory play is important during early childhood.  Our flower play this weekend was the first sensory activity I planned for Em. I got the inspiration to use flowers as a sensory object from Living Life and Learning. I picked up a mixed bunch of flowers from my local grocery store and we started our play as soon as we got home.

The first thing Em did was smell the flowers. I stood at the sink prepping the stems and called Emma over every time I started on a new type of flower. I separated the flowers into two vases. One for myself that I’m currently using as decor, and a mini one for Em. I did consider letting Em arrange her flowers herself in the vase but was pretty sure she’d just end up playing with the water.

Next, we got ready to explore the flowers. We started off by feeling the stems, leaves, and petals. Then we started to pull the flowers apart! It took a little bit of encouragement to get Em to manhandle her flowers, but once she started she didn’t stop for a while! About midway through Em’s floral destruction I gave her a little bowl of water to dunk the flowers (and flower parts) into to encourage a little water play.

I made a point of purchasing a bouquet with some “daisy like” flowers so Em could pull it apart petal by petal. Realistically this isn’t what happened at all as Em pulled the petals off by the handfuls!

There were lots of smiles and giggles, but also a huge mess! There were petals everywhere and when my husband came home one of the first things he said to Em was “What’s in your hair?” (It was petals of course!). I didn’t leave Em’s side during this activity as I didn’t want her to eat the flowers  or throw them at the cats. If we do this activity again I’m going to lay down some newspaper before hand to make the floor clean up easier.

Happy exploring!

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