Last minute DYIs

Just a quick little post on some DIYs I finished up before it got cold out here in Calgary.  All these DIYs required staining or painting outside, so I did them in a little bit of a rush (kind of like this post because it’s […]

Building my first sidetable

This past week I made my very first side table, yay!  I got the tutorial here from Sugar & Cloth. It was amazingly easy peasy! The only power tool used was a drill and I was able to finish the bulk of the project in […]

Our living room needs an update!

Our living room needs an update!

My family has been living in our home for almost 2 years now.  When we first moved in we really only bought the bare bones of furniture.  Only what we needed and nothing extra.  Places to eat, sleep, and light in dark corners.  (We also […]

Packing and vacuuming in the early morning

Good morning!  DC and I are getting ready to go on our first road trip with Em.  Whenever we travel we always try to leave our house nice and clean.  Coming home to a tidy house after a trip is one of my favorite feelings. […]

Corners of our nursery

My husband and I decorated our baby’s nursery while I was pregnant.  It’s the only room in our house that was fully furnished.  I say “was” because over the past two weeks we have moved the crib, change table top, and rocking chair into our […]