Hi!  Welcome to my blog.  My name is Stephanie and I’m from Calgary, Alberta, Canada.  I’m happily married and the mother of two little girls.  Their names are Emma and Everly but we like to call them Em and Ellie.  My husband and I also have two needy but adorable cats named Momo and Mimi.   I’m currently on maternity leave until July 2018 when I will return to work part-time.

I’ve made this blog to share my experiences being a wife and a mother.  My husband and I got married in October of 2014 and had our first baby girl in early 2016.  We had our second baby girl in July 2017.  I feel truly blessed with my life but everyday I’m still coming across unexpected circumstances and learning new things.  With my blog I hope to share my experiences with you through questions, advice, and understanding.

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