Month: October 2016


Today I turn 30 and I have no idea how I feel about it. I’d like to say that as I turn 30 I’m more sure of myself but that would be a lie. I’m more confident in some areas of my life, but I’m […]

Depression, anxiety, and pregnancy

I put off writing this post for a while because I wasn’t sure how to approach the topic of my experience with prenatal anxiety and depression. Or just anxiety and depression in general. When I first started this blog I knew I wanted to share […]

Last minute DYIs

Just a quick little post on some DIYs I finished up before it got cold out here in Calgary.  All these DIYs required staining or painting outside, so I did them in a little bit of a rush (kind of like this post because it’s already past my bedtime!)


First up on the left is a growth chart.  I’ve seen these all over the internet and after my cousin made one decided to make one myself.  I didn’t want ours to look like a giant ruler so I didn’t add ticks on the left.  I painted the right side ivory to be an area to write in the heights of our family. It now hangs in our mudroom and will hopefully last years.

The middle photo is a close up of a blanket ladder I made.   I used wooden dowels, pieces of copper pipe, wood stain, and spray paint. My inspiration was from this post on Foxtail +Moss. So far I only have one blanket (which is really a botched knitting project I tried) hanging on the ladder but I hope to add more soon.

The last photo is my first ever painting I tried. My husband and I have almost no art hanging on our walls because we think it’s all too expensive! About a month and a half ago Michaels was having a huge sale and I decided “why not try to paint?”. The painting, which is acrylic and gold foil, didn’t turn out as I expected.  My husband says it reminds him of a chocolate bar and makes him hungry . It’s currently displayed in a corner that no one really looks at.

Boots for Autumn in Calgary

Autumn is in full swing in Calgary right now and so my fall boots have come out of hiding.  Over the last two years I’ve actually thrown out all (total of 2) of my fall boots except my trusted Hunters. They were old, and needed […]

Keep the quiet moments

Today is my second marriage anniversary! It feels like it was only yesterday that I met my husband.  Like many other people these days my husband and I met via online dating.   I remember my husband’s funny and thoughtful first e-mail to me and after […]