Month: February 2016

It’s the little things

We’ve been having a few rough nights lately.  Our baby girl has been making a lot of noise in her sleep which is keeping us awake!  A bunch of big grunts and even screams.  I can’t believe how something so small can make so much […]

Corners of our nursery

My husband and I decorated our baby’s nursery while I was pregnant.  It’s the only room in our house that was fully furnished.  I say “was” because over the past two weeks we have moved the crib, change table top, and rocking chair into our […]

We had our baby!

Guess what?  We had our baby girl!  Her name is Emma and she was born last week.  Labor (unlike pregnancy) was an amazing experience.   I can’t explain how it felt to hold the life that was growing inside me for the first time.

The first week at home has been been very tiring.  I have to say that I’m very lucky my husband has been home from work.  There has been lots of diaper changing and learning how to breastfeed.   We are working very hard together to raise our baby girl as best as we can and all the difficulties are definitely worth it!

All that being said, someone needs a feeding so until next time.